If you have a problem, fix it. But train yourself not to worry, worry fixes nothing. - Ernest Hemingway

Sunday, 1 January 2017

I won’t wish you a Happy New Year …

I won’t wish you a Happy New Year
For two reasons.

First, if you are a happy soul,
You’ll manage without good wishes.
But if you weren’t,
Mere goodwill wouldn’t possibly be of help.

Because – although it’s a timeworn cliché –
Happiness doesn’t depend on what’s outside,
But on how you are
within yourself.

Therefore, I’d just tell you
To keep being happy,
Or else, you must teach yourself
To be. No one else can.

To put it simply,
Let everyone become Bhutan.


I won’t wish you a Happy New Year
Because we’ve been wishing each other
Sometime from our heart,
Sometimes like programmed robots.
But it hasn’t really changed anything.

The year that’s going to end in an hour
And an added second
Has been terrible.
And if there was light
At the end of the proverbial tunnel,
We couldn’t see it.
You may say I am a cynic.
But in the time we live in,
It’s insane not to be one.

Haven’t we read about the Dark Ages,
That perhaps began with the murder
Of a woman, Hypatia,
A mathematician, astronomer, and philosopher,
And when a library was burnt down
In Alexandria?

These days,
Far too many women are being murdered.
And the contempt for
Scientists and social scientists
Is palpable.
Smart people do not think
They earn money … and live a good life.

Live a good life, enjoy!
Burn fire crackers
As the world is poised at the edge of a precipice.

Can we stop and think – 
What’s gone wrong?
And how much
I have added to the mess?

To put it simply,
Can we look within and say:
‘I’ll be the change I want to happen’?

And wish the world
Less violence,
Less falsehood, and
Less hatred
In 2017.

Bengaluru / 31 December 2016

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