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Friday, 8 April 2016

Can I ask for a bigger prize?

Certain mornings come in with a special message. Maybe, an unusual colour of the rising sun, maybe, dark nimbus clouds after weeks of scorching heat, or maybe, a story in the newspaper that reinforces your faith in human beings. For me, the morning today began with an amazingly beautiful note from a student.
Two points before I share the note. When I first met her last year, she was an excellent student, but was still learning to stitch together sentences in English. After just a year, I find the grace and beauty of her language is so refined! And I can honestly say that -- maybe, we teachers at the British Council have showed her the way -- but the actual learning had to be done by her. It's always so.
So if you are a student of English who is still struggling, do take heart from her language. I will be proud to write as beautifully as she does. And here is her message, with NO editing:
Thanks a lot for your support and guidance.
I can still remember those days when I was looking for someone who could assist me developing my CV meticulously. I did not find any expert or any of my teachers (except one of my sisters). May be that was my mistake, I could not ask them properly. Yesterday, when you asked me to forward my CV for your review and feedback, I felt delighted.
I am feeling much confident now only because you have vetted my CV and other documents. Until now I believe that, except my parents no one has time to take out from their busy schedule. But I am happy that you proved me wrong.
I have had a face like a wet week-end when I saw you are moving to B’lore shortly. I wish I had attended your last term in the British Council. I always feel motivated after attending your class. I hardly found any repetition in your classes. You always explore innovative teaching techniques, which make your sessions more and more interesting. Thanks to the British Council for gifting us an enthusiastic, experienced, affectionate English teacher. I haven’t ever seen any language teacher as good as you.
Take care, stay healthy and keep posting on FB. Please keep in touch and I am always there to extend any kind of support to you.
Warm regards & affection,
Kolkata / 5 April 2016

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