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Friday, 9 January 2009

Radha Ballabh Gope, a postscript

Some of you will recall that I posted a tribute to Late Radhaballabh Gope, a revolutionary freedom fighter, whom I knew when I was a child. If you haven't read it, I request you to read the post The first rebel now.

This photograph and the following information has been found on the website of Andaman Cellular Jail.

Radha Ballabh Gope

Arms and Explosives Act

Born 1897, Domeshpur, Faridpur, Bangladesh , s/o Late Madanmohan Gope businessman. Read upto intermediate. At the age of 13 joined the Anusheelan Samity. Arrested in 01.09.1933 with arms. Sentenced to 7 years prison term under Arms Act & Explosives Act. Deported to Andamans.. Joined second hunger strike. Repatriated in January 1938. Participated in the hunger strike in Dum Dum Central jail in 1939 July duration 36 days. After the expiry of the sentence arrested under Defense of India rules. Released after the termination of the Second World War in 1945. Total jail period 12 years.


  1. You knew an amazing man. We live in a surprising age: imagine getting a picture of this forgotten great man.

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  3. ou remind me of Ashu jethamoshai,Late Asutosh Kahli,who lived his last life like a sadhu in Kudghat,Tollygaunge.Ashu jethamoshai remained a child in heart and had so much time for children like us!He used to tell us the stories of the activities of Anushilan Samity,his days in different jails.He used to run a small welfare organisatin at his cottage at Kudghat and named that as Anushilan Samity.Ashu jethamoshai perhaps used to suffer from some chronic ailments for which my father gave him injections periodically.He was strikingly good looking.While my elder sister gathered courage to ask him why he did not marry,he replied with a smile " Samay pye nye re ma."He felt comfortable with Bangal dialect and never was comfortable with the way people from West Bengal used to speak.He had such a nice presence.I can still remember that my iron man baba cried like a child while Ashu Jethamoshai died.
    Satyadas Chakrabarti

    12 January 2009 21:52

  4. I think that the strong old man named Radha Ballabh Gope died in front of myself, i am very young at that time. He used to stay in our house in his old days. I remember, me and my sister use to visit him for our studies and the first thing he would tell us to do is to sing our national song as prayer. We do not know about his pollitical affairs but we know that he was my "ANANDA", he used to call me by that name and we also know that he was our grandfather's (LATE APARNA CHARAN CHATTERJEE- KEBAL THAKUR) best friend and all of us respected and obeyed him a lot.

  5. Angshuk, Hair stands on its end on my arms as I type in my response to your comment. I would like to know more about our beloved Ballabh-da. Could you please send me an email to santanusc@gmail.com and tell me something more about him? Best wishes, Santanu


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