If you have a problem, fix it. But train yourself not to worry, worry fixes nothing. - Ernest Hemingway

Thursday, 20 November 2008

A note to myself

Do everything at a fast pace,
But don’t rush, nothing is worth rushing for.
Walk as briskly as your legs can take you,
But let your mind ponder
Over things that matter, and things that don’t.
Be as free as the wind
That blows over a rippling field of golden harvest,
And as bound as the mountain
That’s seen the rise and fall of many a kingdom.
Be strong as tempest
And gentle as a swaying blade of tender grass.
Try to help people.
Even if you don’t, the world will be fine.
But forget not this simple truth:
In the end, history won’t forgive
One who hurts an innocent.

20 November 2008


  1. I wish you had continued with the poem for some more stanzas, I wonder it hasn't caught the attention of such intelligent men out there, but it was a fine read.

    Please lengthen it!

  2. Thank you, let me see. But it is difficult to go back to something and change it, except for minor tinkering. Anyway, I am happy that you liked it.


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