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Thursday, 2 February 2017

We can't afford to sit back

From global warming to terrorism, from intolerance to destruction of democratic institutions, from "alternative truth" to post-truth democracy, from millions of refugees to economic disparity rising everywhere. Plus despots in power from the US to Turkey to Israel to Russia to India to the Philippines (China has never had a taste of democracy) ... uneducated charlatans pretending to be world leaders and behaving like leaders of savage clans ...
If there was anyone out there who wished the world destroyed, 2017 would be heady time for them. Cheers!
But we, the ordinary people, the young and the not so young, the middle-aged and the elderly, children, parents, and grandparents, have a huge stake in this planet. We just cannot sit back and watch the slide towards a violent end.
If you think a course correction is essential, millions of people, mainly women, have shown us the way, in cities as diverse as Vancouver and Nairobi, Washington and Wellington, on 21 January 2017.
Stand up, protest!!!
Kolkata / 01 February 2017
Map - Courtesy the New York Times. Sadly there hasn't been a murmur of protest in India, the only dot on the subcontinent is Dhaka.

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