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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Odd-even and just odd

Beyond a shred of doubt, the present rulers of Delhi, the Aam Admi Party (AAP) are just another bunch of political opportunists with a fair share of skeletons in their cupboard, like fake degrees and domestic violence.

However, their attempt to introduce the odd-even rule (allowing on road vehicles with odd number plates one day and those with even numbers the next) to reduce pollution is certainly a step in the right direction. Let's congratulate AAP for it.

I believe anyone who cares for the environment will welcome this step, even if it leads to some inconvenience. The common people of Delhi have accepted the law gracefully. Isn't it odd that our MPs, who make laws, are against this unquestionably positive legislation? Even when the government has arranged special air-conditioned buses for them? They, cutting across party lines, want exemptions from the law! Only one BJP MP, Anshul Verma hasn't joined this flock of sheep. (But I am sure there are others.)

Indians know that most of their MPs are ruthless fortune-seekers who care for lining their pockets and nothing else - including the grave threats posed by overuse of fossil fuel.

But dear MPs, do you have to prove it time and again?

Kolkata / 27 April 2016

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