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Saturday, 13 February 2016

Gravitational Waves and We

We are really fortunate to be born in a time when the world has been crossing so many scientific and technological milestones. The experimental verification of gravitational waves -- we are told -- is yet another landmark in the fascinating growth of knowledge and human intelligence.

But sadly, the brilliant achievements of scientists are conversely proportional to the decline in social standards. On the other side of the discovery of gravity waves is the ISIS and a brutal regime in Syria that butchers its own people ... and a handful of Americans and Brits who do not hesitate to destroy a country for cheap petroleum.

And in the sad dystopia that India is today, when a bunch of microcephalic politicians are taking us downhill steadily, there are so many ordinary and extra-ordinary Indians who light up our horizon. Let's all bow to this brilliant physicist by name Sanjeev Dhurandhar, a name we didn't know until yesterday!

To read an article on this scientist in the Indian Express, please click here.

(Photo courtesy The Indian Express)

Kolkata / 12 February 2016

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