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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Biswaranjan Ghosh

Biswaranjan Ghosh passed away on 8 Feb, 2012 at Kolkata after just a day’s illness.

How easily I have written these harsh words! For Biswaranjan was not only a dear friend to hundreds of people in Trivandrum, but also the very personification of life itself.

He joined Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC), Trivandrum in 1973 as a rank-holder from Bengal Engineering College. In later years he made a significant contribution to welding Technology for steel; a technology that is still being used for all launch vehicles of the Indian Space Research Organisation.

He was one of the most active members of Trivandrum Bengali Association. He was there everywhere in most of the activities. Endowed with a God-given voice, he has regaled us with his songs on numerous occasions. His Rabindra Sangeet in a resounding voice mesmerized people here for over thirty years.

He sang folk songs very well too and his ‘Hey Dola, Hey Dola’ is remembered even today. When he sang ‘Jago Tumi Jago, Jago Durga …’ (an invocation of Goddess Durga) hearts stood still for a moment. Such was the magic in his singing. His last song in Trivandrum was ‘Peyechi chuti biday deho Bhai, Sobare ami Pronam Korey jai.’ (The toil is over, it’s time to go. As I leave, I bow to you all.)

Biswaranjan was also a regular in all the dramas enacted by the Association. His playful leg pulling of friends made rehearsals a lively event, often better than the staged drama itself. Our Puja Pandal lit up with joy and laughter whenever Biswaranjan made his entry in the Pandal. Children chased him shouting  ‘Kaku, Tombola! Kaku, Tombola!’  His humorous banter while he conducted Tombola made it the most enjoyable off-stage events in any Puja. Biswaranjan also conducted Mukta Mela (a food fest) most regularly. His great one-liner comments evoked peals of laughter and added so much fun to Mukta Mela.

He left Trivandrum for Kolkata after opting for voluntary retirement in 2007. I haven’t met him since and it pains to think that I never will. However, Heaven will now be a very lively place indeed! 

Santanu Dasgupta
Trivandrum Bengali association

[Biswaranjan Ghosh was an exceedingly lively person, always smiling, ever-ready to break into laughter. It is difficult to accept his sudden and most untimely death. Thank you, Santanuda, for sharing this. Santanu]


  1. Santanu, the world is indeed a small place. And I say it with a heart burdened with shock and sorrow. Biswaranjan and family were our neighbours for many years at Ram's Cottage. He and his wife Shyamlee were such good friends to me, my wife and my parents. As a kid, their son Deepanjan was a good friend of my niece when my sister and her family used to come down from Mumbai for their holidays. They had continued keeping in touch on Facebook. It was my niece who broke this shattering news to me. I immediately called up Deep and we spoke for a long time. Biswaranjan had once asked me if I knew what his name meant. When I said no, he'd promptly replied, "World class joker"! Somewhere in our albums we have plenty of photos of all of us taken during various occasions. We had another 'ISRO' neighbour, Dr Basu and his wife Kasturi. They've settled down in Kolkata after he retired. Hope he knows about this tragedy........

    1. M, thanks for your comments. The world indeed is a small place.

      In Bangla, "Biswaranjan" actually means "one who makes everyone happy". Biswaranjan-da's little spin on his own name was perhaps a pointer to his personality. I have not seen many people more cheerful than him. He was someone who seemed to enjoy every moment of his life.

      I hope his family, particularly his wife, will find the strength within to cope with the loss.

    2. Thanks for your your kind thoughts. I had always looked up to my father and drew a lot of strength from his positive outlook to life.

      I will miss him all through my life. I am sure he will look after me like a gaurdian angel.

      Love you Baba

  2. Dear Deep,

    There are times when words serve no purpose. Nothing can fill the void that you obviously feel. I am sure you will find the strength to live with it. We too will miss Biswaranjan-da, he was such a wonderful person.

    Santanu kaku.


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